Friday, 8 May 2009

Startup :-D

After 3 point something years of life in the UK, I decided to start this simple blog to record my personal experiences in The Doomed City, namely London. 

Some of my earliest (bad) memories are already starting to fade, and I don't have the Harry Potter's magical Bucket of Thoughts (or whatever is its name), but I am sure that by digging long enough in my brain I'll be able to remember.

I know this blog will not change anything about the Her Majesty followers way of thinking: nor could Destiny, Chaos, God, Walhalla or Mr Chunky Chips. Their attitude has been ingrained for centuries. But I will use this blog to yell out my frustration. It might become interesting in the future for my children to read, and to all the london-fans, neobrits and England-cheerleaders who know nothing about living in London.

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